Friend Chicken

Yep…you read it right, “Friend chicken.” With an┬án. I didn’t coin the phrase, but I use it all the time now. Anybody who grew up in the South knows we deal with everything…funerals, new babies, illness, new neighbors…by sharing food. Nothing makes us feel good like sharing food. Somebody has a baby? We set up […]

Chicken at Home

Chicken at home. At the beginning of the economic shutdown, when everyone was scrambling for groceries, and stores were running low on lots of things, including chicken, I was able to get really good chicken. Through a friend, I found out about a company in Charlotte that offers home delivery of fresh and frozen chicken. […]

Ask Me About…

Ask me about… Haven’t we all walked into car dealerships or retail stores and seen someone wearing a button that said, “Ask me about…”? It might be a new warranty plan, or maybe it’s about a new line they’re introducing, but sometimes, it’s something way more funny. I was reminded of “Ask me about…” one […]

One Year of Blogs

I say it all the time, and the older I get, the more true it is: time flies. It has been one year since I started “blogging.” I started it as my own form of therapy a month after my mother died, and I do believe it has helped me cope with her death. If […]

My Food/Beverage Guilty Pleasures

My food/beverage guilty pleasures. I don’t know if everyone has food and beverage guilty pleasures, but I definitely do. There are some things I simply cannot pass up…and some things I crave. I have some guilty pleasures that are labeled as guilty pleasures simply because of the calorie content. But I have other guilty food […]

Weird (or Disgusting?) Canned Foods

Weird (or disgusting?) canned foods. Recently, a friend invited me to join a Facebook group dedicated to weird foods and recipes. Honestly, I am totally addicted to it…the page, not the weird foods…because there are so many crazy posts. Every day…heck, several times a day…I see something posted there that just blows my mind. So […]

Memories of a 1970s Childhood

Memories of a 1970s Childhood. After reading the Leif Garrett memoir, I find myself thinking about the 1970s. I was born in 1967, but most of my childhood memories were in the 1970s. In fact, I think my brain retains information from that time in my life better than it retains any other decade…and in much […]

Tell Me Something Positive

Tell me something positive. We all need to hear positivity! We’ve been listening to the news too much. We’ve all been holed up in our own homes for almost a week now, and we’re hearing bad news all the time.┬áPersonally, I’m hoping the outlook is brighter than we think. I like to think we are […]