Is my ego healthy enough for this?


Today is Groundhog Day, the perfect day for me to launch my blog/website, because I’ve always loved Groundhog Day. I remember my kindergarten teacher in Brewton, Alabama, Mrs. Ella Mae Peavy, telling us all about the meaning of the day. My five-year-old self was so intrigued by the thought of an animal predicting the weather! Later, Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray also became one of my favorite movies…maybe because my life seems to repeat itself.  So, I’m no groundhog, but I’m writing my first post, hoping my blog/website sees bright, sunny days ahead! Today I’m introducing the concept to you, but come back tomorrow for real info!

Someone has to have a pretty darn healthy ego to think what she has to say is worthy of an audience. I’ve considered a blog/website a million times but was never sure anyone cared about what I had to say. During the holidays, however, on my Instagram account, I posted some gift ideas with the hashtag #kellymatteisfavoritethings (because I’m as loved as Oprah, right?), and several friends suggested I set up a separate Instagram account for my favorite things. Again, there was hesitation on my part, but then I realized that as much as I love sharing gift ideas, travel info, and life hacks, maybe I would find some joy in doing just that on Instagram. So, I bit the bullet and set up the Instagram account. Now, the account (kellymatteisfavoritethings) has a slow-growing following (tell your friends to follow it!). Clearly, everyone hasn’t realized I’m as smart and loved as Oprah YET, but it’s fun anyway!

While Instagram is a great place to share, it doesn’t give the opportunity to tell the stories behind my favorite things, so that led me, with encouragement from my friend Maureen, to set up this website. The photos of  items/places/activities are fun and informative, but as I posted them on Instagram, I sometimes found myself laughing about how I discovered them or excited to share more information. Some of my “favorite things” aren’t “things” at all, but experiences…lots of “things” in lots of different price ranges. No matter what they are, it brings me great joy to share them all, and hopefully some of my favorite things and the stories behind them will bring great joy to YOU! Those of you who already follow Kelly Mattei’s Favorite Things on Instagram will have the chance to read some of the backstories on how I found some of the gifts/ideas in the photos. Every picture has a story!

Please keep in mind I’m a novice at this website thing, and I’m doing it myself. My hope is that YOU will share some of your favorite things and their stories with me too! So, patience please, and please stick with me!

Thanks for finding me, and check back TOMORROW for the story behind one of my early Instagram posts! It’s one of my favorite posts, because it involves one of my very favorite people and her work. So, while today’s post is simply an introductory post, I think you will find tomorrow’s to be fun and informative, and there will be a giveaway…just like Oprah! Anyone who knows me will tell you nobody loves a giveaway more than I do! Tell your friends about the blog/website too and ask them to follow Kelly Mattei’s Favorite Things on Instagram (and soon on Facebook!). From time to time, I’ll have more giveaways of some of my favorite things! Maybe they will become your favorite things too!

Happy Groundhog Day!





  1. Kelly, I’m so excited for you!! You are going to be perfect at this because you always have great ideas and suggestions and YOU are one of the happiest, funniest, and most joyous people I know!! I miss seeing you! Good Luck on your new adventure! Ellen

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    1. Oh, Ellen! I’m thrilled to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words! I miss seeing YOU! You are always on my mind and in my prayers. You are always so kind. Thank you again. I’m truly thrilled to hear from you. I’m also a little terrified about this blog/website, but I think I will enjoy it. Kelly



  2. You are such a great source of info both locally and across the country.. so excited to find all the good stuff in one spot. Cheers to you, my sweet friend!

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  3. Kelly, this is wonderful! And since I wouldn’t know an Instagram from a telegram, I am happy that you are now sharing with all of us dinosaurs via blog! I look forward to reading lots of great stories! And in case I haven’t told you lately, YOU are one of MY favorite things!!! xo, Linda



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