My Favorite Holiday Gifts 2018, Part 4: Gifts for Men

Here we go. I’m going to cut to the chase on this one. Lots of folks offered suggestions, so here’s a compilation. We still have travel gifts, stocking stuffers, and gifts for students/teens/kids coming soon, but today, it’s all about GIFTS FOR MEN.

Desktop Teardrop Storm Glass. My husband loves keeping track of the weather. Oh, who am I kidding? I do too! I know kids and teenagers who do too, so I think this storm glass would be a great gift for weather watchers. It predicts the weather 1-2 days in advance. The “water” inside the teardrop changes to show if it will be cloudy, stormy, or clear. You can get these at a lot of different retailers, but I went with Walmart on this one, because their version, suspended in a frame, seems less likely to cause a disaster if a table is bumped. Priced at $26.98, it’s a great gift! You can order from Walmart here.


Hella Cocktail Kits. The Hella Cocktail Company, in Brooklyn, New York, sells bitters, syrups, and mixers for your home bar. My favorite thing they sell, though, is their DIY Cocktail Kits, which include everything you need to make Moscow Mules, Bloody Marys, or an Old Fashioned, except the spirits. While you’re shopping, take a look around their website too, because they offer recipes, advice, and lessons about which bar tools are used for which cocktails. The DIY kits are priced at $59.99 and include everything pictured below. Purchase here.

Fixd. Finally!  A device that shows us what’s wrong with our car! How many times has a check engine light come on in your car, and you have no idea why it’s on? Well, now you don’t have to rely entirely on the information given you by a mechanic or someone in the service department at the dealership. If your car was manufactured any time after 1996 and runs on gasoline, Fixd can help diagnose the problem. Plug the device into your car as directed, and after downloading the app on your smartphone, you can diagnose issues, keep a continuous maintenance timeline, keep vehicle history, and have continuous monitoring of your vehicle for issues. Prices start at $59 for one unit, or get discounts for multiple: 2 for $88, or 3 for $118. My dad would have loved this! Purchase direct here.3sensorsbundle-300x214

NFL Jerseys and Hoodies. I know. All men are not football fans, but for the ones who love the NFL, has everything. It can make shopping easy for the spouse, sibling, or parent of an NFL fan. Popular jerseys, like the Julio Jones and Amari Cooper ones shown below (they’re popular at my house) are priced at $99.95, while hoodies start at about $34. Hats and t-shirts start even lower! Just go to, click on the team, then make your selections! Start shopping here.

Man Crates. I’ve mentioned Man Crates before, and I’m going to mention them again, because they are great gifts. They design crated packages for men’s interests. Your family member or friends enjoys disc golf? There’s a crate for that at $74.99. Maybe he enjoys roasting his own coffee. There’s a crate for that too, priced at $84.99. Or you can get him a personalized flask for $19.99 or a jerky crate for as little as $29.99. Seriously. If your husband has any interest at all: sports, grilling, outdoor…check out this website. You can see it here. (Collegiate Barware Crate pictured)


Ugg products. Some men enjoy lounging at home, and they love comfortable loungewear. Ugg has great stuff for men. My husband, as corny as it may sound, loves a good pair of slippers and good lounge pants. This year, he will likely get the ones pictured below. The Ugg Men’s Jakob Lounge Pants, priced at $85 at Neiman Marcus, come in blue, black, and gray…click here. Pair them with the Ugg Ascot Suede Slippers, priced at $110, and he gets a complete lounge set! For the slippers, click here.

Divvy Up Socks. All men wear socks sometimes, right? And some love crazy socks! Am I right? Lots of men love their kids and pets too! Put it all together, and what do you have? Divvy Up Socks! Customizable socks for $24 per pair. You pick the color, and pick a photo you’d like to put on them. Place the online order, and soon, you’ll have some awesome, one-of-a-kind socks to give dad, husband, or son! And know what else? Divvy Up gives back to the community…in the form of socks for the homeless! To order, click here.

Kiehl’s Products for Men. Kiehl’s makes great skincare products…no doubt about that. Their men’s line is no exception. They offer different gift sets sold through different retailers, but I love these two sold through Nordstrom.  One is the Men’s Heavy Lifters Set, sold at Nordstrom for $68. It is a collection of age defenders specially formulated for the needs of men’s skin. The other is the Men’s Grab and Go Essentials Set, priced at $48. It’s a collection of head-to-toe hydration for men. Purchase here.

Duluth Trading Company. There is so much I love about Duluth Trading Post. First, their TV commercials are always fun. Beyond that, I love their products, and I always find something for the men in my life (a husband, a brother, and five nephews). Here are some of my favorites, in a variety of price ranges: Angry Beaver T-shirts at $19.50, Angry Beaver Mult-tool at $12.95, Angry Beaver Cutting Board at $29.95, Hanger Bender Fire Hose Shirt Jac starting at $54.99, and the Men’s Shoreman Fleece Windproof Jacket priced at $49.99. I’ve given each of these items as gifts to those men in my life, and all were well-received. Duluth Trading Post makes quality products. And I can’t forget the book, My Dad Had That Car, priced at $35…perfect for any car enthusiast. Purchase here.

Mini Fridge or Portable Fridge. You’ll see these listed again in my Teens/Kids gift ideas, but I had to put it here. Everyone knows teen boys and men can eat a lot. Teen boys eat all the time. They need a fresh supply of food and beverage on hand, whether they live at home or in a dorm. These two fridges are great for young men, and both can be purchased at Walmart. One is a portable fridge that holds up to 12 cans ($49.99). Plug it into your car or home outlet. Great for tailgating! The second is a true mini fridge ($79.99)…perfect for a teen’s TV room, bedroom, or dorm room. Purchase here.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Wool Hoodie This hoodie is the perfect weight for winter days that will be spent indoors and outdoors, and it looks good too. Made of a high quality cashmere and wool blend, this one is one he will wear forever. It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum at $248, but it’s worth it, considering the long-term wearability. Purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue here.

Sports Tickets. At our house, sports tickets are a pretty safe gift for everyone, and my husband is the only man in the house! My daughter and I both love sports tickets too! In Charlotte, we’re fortunate to have several sports teams to follow, but we also follow some college teams. However, we opt not to get season tickets we won’t use, so when we do want to go to a game, we purchase single-game tickets. My husband probably appreciates tickets to Charlotte Hornets games most, but most men would love the gift of a sporting event.

And those are my suggestions for men. I think there’s something on this list for any type of man…even those difficult ones. Happy Shopping!







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