Let’s Sparkle! (My Favorite Sparkly Gifts 2020)

Let’s sparkle!

What better time than the holidays to find ways to sparkle?! Sparkles make everything seem like a celebration, and the holidays are one big celebration. No, there won’t be holiday parties this year, but that’s OK. Life is a party! We should celebrate every day!

I’m like a kid, because I’ve always like sparkly gifts. At the holidays, I put all my sparkles to good use…even my 10-yr-old sequined Christmas Ugg boots (pictured above). I feel sure I could get a lot for them on eBay, but they’re mine, all mine! And in this depressing pandemic, I’m wearing them daily to make myself smile! I’m also looking for sparkly gifts for friends and family…just to add some extra cheer to the holidays.

Here is what I have found that sparkles in 2020:

Champagne, Prosecco, or any sparkling wine or cider. Come on. Nothing says “celebration” like a sparkling drink. Personally, I prefer Prosecco. Yes, it’s Champagne’s little brother, but it’s lighter, and I never get a headache from Prosecco. My personal favorite is La Marca, which I can purchase in my grocery store for under $30. Even sitting in my garage with a friend during the pandemic feels like a celebration with a glass (or two) of Prosecco! If you’re wondering about giving it as a gift…yes!

Sparkly champagne flutes/wine glasses. If you want to make it a real celebration, drink it from a sparkly flute! Portmeirion offers the beautiful Sara Miller Champagne Flutes, Sara Miller Wine Glasses, and Sara Miller Stemless Wing Glasses at Neiman Marcus. Right now, the champagne flutes are priced under $54 for a set of four! That’s a great price! They’re the perfect sparkly gift for the champagne or prosecco drinker in your life (hint, hint!). Get them from Neiman Marcus here.

Elephant/Bulldog Clutch. If you have a Bama or Georgia fan in your life, this glittery clutch could be the perfect gift. Or maybe you have a friend who just likes elephants or bulldogs? I found these cuties at The Buttercup in Charlotte, and they’re priced right at just $12.99! I’m partial to the elephant clutch, but that’s just me. Purchase at The Buttercup here.

Sparkly shoes. Not gonna lie…I love sparkly shoes. And I’ve found two pairs this year…one for home and one for outside the home…that I have to have. I think they’ll make great gifts. All my friends know I believe a little sparkle can go a long way in changing a mood. When I’m feeling a little down, I can put on some of my sparkly shoes, and they put a smile on my face. They’re fun! And they make other people smile too! The two pairs I found this year are the Ugg Scuffette II Stellar Sequin for home ($99.95), and the Linea Paolo Felicia Wedge Sneaker ($117.95)…both found at Nordstrom. I say the Ugg Scuffettes are for home, but my teenage daughter breaks all the rules and wears hers everywhere (except school). Purchase the Uggs here and the Linea Paolos here.

Metallic Fingerless Mittens. At Neiman Marcus, I found these cute metallic fingerless mittens from Jocelyn. They come in silver and gold with faux fur trim on the back. They are cute and festive…way different than those plain old black knit mittens. Stick these in your coat pockets, and every time you go out, you’ll put them on and feel a little festive! They make great gifts, priced at the sweet spot of $41.25 right now. Purchase at Neiman Marcus here.

Metallic Ombre Scarf. Also from Jocelyn, this fun metallic ombre scarf will keep your friends and family warm and cheerful…all at the same time! This is one of those “one for you, one for me” gifts, because I’ll be purchasing one for a friend and one for me. Get this beauty at Neiman Marcus here.

Sparkly Bag and Bag Strap. I only recently discovered Be Clear Handbags, sellers of clear handbags, some of which have some pretty sparkly adornments. Bag prices start at $58. They certainly stand out in a crowd. And to top it off, they offer some bag straps that I love. Their Bee Fabulous strap, priced at $54 is my favorite. You can attach them to the Be Clear bags or breathe new life into some of your old handbags by adding a fabulous new strap! I love these. Check them all out here.

Bee Fabulous Strap,

Crystal Hair Accessories. What’s more festive than sparkles in your hair? Ettika makes some lovely hair accessories…crystal barrettes and even a crystal headband! You can find a 3-pack of Ettika Crystal Barrettes at Neiman Marcus for $40, or get the gorgeous crystal headband for $80 (I prefer this!). Even without holiday parties this year, everyday life will feel like a party if you wear these! Don’t save them for special occasions! Purchase here.

Ettika Crystal Headband, Nordstrom

Glitter socks. Uniqlo makes some cute glitter socks, and the price is right at $12.90 for a pack of three. You can add a subtle pizzazz to a friend or family member’s wardrobe by gifting these at Christmas. Added bonus? These socks have a deodorizing feature that prevents odor even after you sweat! I have quite a few friends and family who would enjoy these. They’re not particularly exciting, but they have a little sparkle, and they’re very practical. They also make great stocking stuffers! Purchase at Uniqlo here.

Glam candle. I love receiving candles as gifts. I almost always have a candle burning in my kitchen, and I found the Frosted Fire Signature Glam Jar Candle at Swoozie’s, and it comes in three different sizes…with prices starting at $29.95. It smells like winter…smoked cedar, crackling pine, and peppermint…in a silver glitter jar. Your friend or family member’s home will smell like winter and look festive! Get it at Swoozie’s here.

There you have some sparkly selections to brighten the days of your friends and family this holiday season! Can’t we all use a little sparkle in 2020?


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