Your Sorority Recruitment “Rush Bag”

Your sorority recruitment “rush bag.”

I know it’s only May, and most high school graduations haven’t even happened yet. Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates! You’ve finished that big part of life, and now you’re starting something new! Maybe you’re entering the working world. Maybe you’re going to trade/vocational school. Maybe you’re traveling for a while. Maybe you’re going to college. Whatever you’re doing, best of luck to you! If you’re planning to participate in sorority recruitment at a big, southern school, it’s time to start thinking about your “Rush bag.”

What’s a “Rush bag,” you ask? Well, it’s a water-resistant handbag that holds all the necessities for keeping one’s self fresh during a long August day outdoors in any southern state. What kind of bag should you use? What things should go in it? Fear not, for I have answers.

For the bag itself, I recommend waterproof or, at least, water resistant.

  • Rush bag. If you know a young lady who is graduating from high school and planning to participate in sorority recruitment at a big, southern university, a “rush bag” makes a great gift. She will definitely need one! You’ll want to start with a water-resistant bag with a zipper closure. These bags will be left outside sorority houses on the ground when they go inside, so they don’t need to be fancy bags. I found a perfect one that comes in multiple colors on Amazon for about $25 here. (See photo at bottom of page.) If you opt for that one, I think the medium size is great. If you want to go with a “better” bag, you can always get a Longchamp nylon bag from Amazon…shop here. *Yes, Longchamp is pricey, but they’re foldable and easy to pack for travel, so they have lots of uses. I have a big Longchamp bag that I pack in my suitcase when I travel, in case I need another bag I can check on my return. If you want to add the necessities for recruitment, you can add all of these or some of these items:
    • Handheld, battery-operated fan. It’s hot in the south. The heat and humidity are no joke. She will need a fan. Our daughter used this one last year. And at $11.99, it’s priced right and comes in a variety of colors.
    • Waterproof folding changing pad. Sounds crazy, I know, but the girls will be wearing dresses and will need to sit on the ground some during the day. They can save their dresses from grass stains or water spots with this. We got our daughter this one.
    • Blotting papers. All that heat and humidity produces sweat…blot away the shine with blotting papers. Get some from NYX at Amazon for just $4.99 here.
    • Insulated Water Bottle. They’ll need cold water each day. Pick a water bottle from Amazon here.
    • Hand sanitizer. This is pretty obvious. We purchased our daughter some Purell travel-sized hand sanitizers to use between parties. Get them from Amazon here.
    • Small umbrella. A small folding umbrella is crucial in the south, where thunderstorms can crop up at any time. When I asked my daughter which item she used most from her rush bag, her immediate answer was “the umbrella.” We got a great one at Amazon here.
    • Tissues. These come in handy. You never know when you’ll need a tissue. Get Amazon’s Choice here.
    • Deodorant. This is a more personal item, so you can include it or not. I think it’s nice to include one just as a possibility. Get some small, travel sizes at Amazon here.
    • Breath Strips. The girls spend a lot of time going to lots of parties, and they are in crowds. They want fresh breath. Sure, they can use mints, but I think breath strips are better, because they dissolve quickly. Get them from Amazon for $5.09 here.
    • Portable charger. The girls don’t want their phones to die in the middle of the day, so a portable charger comes in handy. For a small one with a lightning plug and great output, click here.
    • Lip gloss or balm. Most people have their own cosmetics they love, but Dior Addict lip products are loved by lots of people! If you don’t want to choose a color, their lip balms, maximizers, and oils come in clear versions too. See them here.
    • Band Aids. I would add some regular Band Aids from here. And some blister Band Aids from here.
    • Snack. I’ve mentioned Whoa Dough before. It’s a great small snack, because it provides a little protein but is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soy free! My daughter loves these on the go. Get a variety pack here.
    • Safety pins. For little emergencies, these come in handy. Get a small packet here.
    • Feminine products. You definitely want to have feminine hygiene products on hand, in case you need them.
    • Painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Also, a dose of any regular medications you take.
    • You can include a notebook and pen, but I feel like most girls take notes on their phones.

In reality, you hope you won’t need to use the items in your rush bag, but you want to be prepared. You don’t want to have to walk around asking people if they have safety pins or Band Aids if you need one, and you definitely don’t want to use someone else’s makeup or deodorant.

***I’m hoping to compile a list of questions and answers about southern sorority rush. Please send any questions to me!***


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