My Favorite Baby Gifts

My daughter is 14 years old. In the years she has been alive, I’ve seen baby gear and gift options change tremendously. When my daughter was born, baby swings were one size fits all, but now, companies offer swings for newborn and then, larger swings for when they get a little bigger. Frankly, I was thankful for the swing(s) I had, but we would have loved to have had a smaller one when she was a newborn.

There are lots more gift options out there too. I never think of giving equipment/gear as baby gifts, but the older I get, the more I’ve had to take my time looking at options for gifts. When I was younger, I had more friends having babies, so I knew what was out there and where to get it. I had some definite go-to gifts that I loved to give, but times have changed.

In hopes of saving you the time it takes to track down the perfect gift, I’m offering a few suggestions of my favorite baby gifts of 2018, which are a lot different than what I would have found in 2003. The gifts I’m recommending are for guests who are not related to the new mother. Sometimes, relatives like to give the big equipment-type gifts (strollers/bouncers/swings).

Here are my favorite baby gifts of 2018 (for now!). You could give one of these individually, or you might choose to group some of them.

MILLYMOOK and DOZER SUNHATS: When my daughter was an infant, options were limited on sunhats, and we needed them! We love to spend time outdoors, and while I was able to find them for her, I never had one as great as the Millymook Sunhat. These sunhats are available for girls 0 to 5 years and offer UPF50+ sun protection.  If I’d had a Millymook Sunhat for my daughter, I would have always known she was protected from the sun. They are made of cotton and most come with a removable chin strap. Some are even reversible, like getting two hats in one! The boys equivalent is the Dozer Sunhat…same manufacturer, same premise. They offer adorable prints. You can purchase them at Amazon here. Prices start at $12.95.

BABY BLANKETS: I’m a sucker for a quality baby blanket…always have been. In fact, I feel pretty sure I still have all my daughter’s baby blankets in a trunk in the attic. First, they’re always useful when you have an infant. Plus, baby blankets are cute! I’ve seen this Royal Hippo Baby Blanket for girls at several different retailers, most recently at Crate and Barrel. Who knew? This particular blanket is a pink/cream crochet blanket and is super soft with a little weight. It’s 100 percent cotton, making it perfect for baby. Priced at $59, it would make a lovely shower gift on its own. You can purchase them here. For boys, I love the Little Giraffe Powder Plush Baby Blanket, which is priced at $46. It’s made of dual sided faux fur with a satin border that will last forever. You can purchase here.

MIRACLE BLANKET SWADDLE: If they made swaddle blankets when my daughter was born, no one told me. I had to do it the old-fashioned way, and I was not always successful, which is why my baby spent a lot of time sleeping in a swing. I could put her in that swing and swaddle the blankets around her. Clearly, I was challenged. If I’d had these Miracle Blanket Swaddles, my life would have been so much easier! I’ve spokenwith friends who’ve had babies more recently, and they all agree this is a great brand. Priced at $29.95, they will be greatly appreciated as shower gifts. You can purchase them at Amazon here.


MOMMY SNACK BASKET: This is one of those things I discovered after having a baby. I never would have thought to do this until someone did it for me. We came home from the hospital with our beautiful baby girl, and soon thereafter, a friend stopped by with a basket full of snacks for me. At first, it seemed odd, but then I understood! I found myself grabbing snacks out of that gigantic basket for weeks, simply because I was so tired I needed snacks to keep me going. Ever since, I’ve given Mommy Snack Baskets when friends have had babies. You don’t have to use a basket; you can use a tote bag or cute bucket and fill it with nonperishable items. Here are some of the things I’ve put in them: snack crackers, bagged popcorn, granola bars, pistachios, trail mix, potato chips, pretzels, small boxes of cereal, dried fruit (blueberries, bananas, etc) and yes, I always add some real junk like candy bars and other sweets. A tired new mommy needs all the fuel she can get. If you don’t have time to put together your own or don’t live near the recipient, you can “build your own” at here.


TRUMPETTE BABY SOCKS: These have been around for a while, but they just keep getting better! I think they started with socks that looked like Mary Jane shoes, but now the line has expanded. These were a great baby gift for me. Since I had a girl, someone gave me the Mary Jane style, but they now have so many more styles, including ballerina socks, hero socks, dock shoe socks, and much more. With prices starting at $15, these make a great gift. My daughter wore the Mary Jane style socks with lots of outfits as an infant, and since there were lots of colors, we could match them to whatever she was wearing. To purchase, click here.


NOODLE AND BOO STARTER KIT: According to their website, Noodle and Boo was started by a new mother when she wanted products for babies with sensitive skin.  “Working with professionals who specialize in natural, holistic skin care each exclusive formula is developed to nourish, replenish and protect especially delicate and sensitive skin.” The result is exceptional products, including baby wash, baby hair care products, laundry products, and gift sets. They offer a wide selection of gift sets. Prices start at $9.50 for sensitive skin baby wipes, and gift bundle sets start at $24. To purchase, click here.


Noodle & Boo Starter Set $38

DIAPERS: Diapers always make a great baby gift. In fact, moms appreciate it any time someone drops off diapers. And that includes cloth diapers, even if the family uses disposable diapers. Our daughter wore disposable diapers, but we used cloth diapers for so many other things…wiping up messes, burping, and great to keep in diaper bags for any use. If a family is using disposable diapers, they can never have too many. They may not realize it before baby is born, but they will go through LOTS of diapers before potty training happens. The Honest Company makes a great Diaper Cake that makes a great gift for anyone. It includes 92 diapers, shampoo and body wash, lotion, all-purpose balm, bubble bath, 50 laundry packs, 1 pack 72-count wipes, and 2 packs 10-count wipes. The price, at $124, is a little steep, but this could be a joint gift from several people. Their mini diaper cake, priced at $39, includes 35 diapers and travel-size baby care products. To check out their offerings, click here.


The Honest Company Diaper Cake

: I’ve found a seller on Etsy that offers the Baby Month Milestone Blanket, and I think it’s a great gift idea. Priced at $36, this item can be personalized, and it is a great way to chart baby’s growth in the first year. It is offered in different fabrics and designs. They are made of fleece and made-to-order. There are lots of different options for the same type blanket on Amazon, but this one is personalized and well-made. You can contact the seller by clicking here.


Baby Month Milestone Blanket


SARA KETY BODYSUITS: I found these little cuties in Nordstrom, and they are adorable. These cotton snapsuits have cute catchphrases for boys and girls, and priced at $20, they are priced right. I would give one of these with a cute set of matching socks or a small plush toy. Some of the different designs are pictured below, featuring various designs and catchphrases. You can see the various designs and purchase online from Nordstrom here





Personally, I never get tired of looking at baby gifts at You can see the assortment here. Their baby gifts start at $125 for various piggy banks, which make lovely baby gifts. My daughter still has several in her room that we were given at her baby shower. For $135, they also offer three-piece baby sets…plate, cup, bowl. Right now, I see two in the catalog I love…pictured below. And for the extravagant baby gift, they have a lovely baby blanket, which is priced at $450. If I purchased that, though, I’d have trouble parting with it…wool and cashmere…it’s beautiful.

From all these suggestions, it should be easy to find the perfect gift for the new mother and baby in your life. I’ve included gifts ranging in price from $9.50 to $450.   I have always loved shopping for baby gifts…they are ever-changing, and they just keep getting better! Frankly, when I was expecting, I would have loved to receive a giant basket full of all these gifts!

Happy shopping!


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