UPDATE: Maine Attractions list

Many of you who read about my trips to Maine with Wendy have asked about some of the places listed that we used to visit (and plan to visit again). Here is some info:

BOSTON’S NORTH END:  The North End is Boston’s own Little Italy. You can find info here. While you’re there, get a sandwich at Pauli’s (click here for info). Follow it up with a cannoli like no other from Mike’s Pastry (click here for info). ***Little story about Pauli’s: I was at a soccer tournament in Raleigh a few years ago and heard a man asked where he could find a Dunkin Donuts. Recognizing his Boston brogue, I offered directions and began chatting with him. Turns out he was Pauli from Pauli’s Sandwiches. He won’t remember me, but stop in anyway.***


NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE, MAINE: Located in York, Maine, this beautiful lighthouse is a great photo op from the rocks. You’ve likely seen pictures of it lots of times but didn’t know what it was called. Get more info here.


The Desert of Maine

DESERT OF MAINE: Wendy thought I was utterly nuts when I suggested we visit The Desert of Maine, but we all learned a lot and had a lot of fun! It’s worth a visit. Get info here.


YORK’S WILD KINGDOM: If you like old school theme parks like I do, this is a great place to visit. With lots of rides you’ll remember from childhood and a large petting zoo (including elephant rides!), this is a fun stop. Get info here.


LUCKY CATCH PORTLAND: Lucky Catch lobstering cruises are offered from Portland, Maine, and last a couple hours. It’s a great way to learn how lobsters are caught and banded. You can even do it yourself! More info here.

BIG DADDY’S ICE CREAM: Located in Wells, Maine, this ice cream shop is old school. It’s a great place to stop, night or day, and they offer generous servings. *We once ran into someone we knew from Charlotte there!* More info here.

THE BIG INDIAN: In Freeport, Maine, this Big Indian stands 30 feet tall and is a fun photo op. I forced the kids to wake up from a nap one afternoon just to get a photo. Good times! More info here.


RENY’S: Reny’s (A Maine Adventure) is a discount store chain headquartered in Maine. Personally, it’s one of my very favorite plundering places. One year, when we were flying home from Maine, I was waiting for our flight in the Boston airport and I saw Mr. Reny’s obituary. I called Wendy to tell her he had died, and she said, “He probably had a heart attack when he heard his best customer was leaving the state.” All joking aside, it’s a fun place to find some good deals! More info here.

***Thank you all for reading about and praying for my Wendy. And thanks for your interest in some of our favorite spots in Maine. If you like Kelly Mattei’s Favorite Things, please invite your friends to like the page.***


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