This Just In: BIG Memorial Day Deals at Amazon!

This just in: BIG Memorial Day deals at Amazon! Some of the items listed below could be great graduation gifts!

  • HUGE deals on Gap Apparel at Amazon…up to 68% off! Click here, and click on “deals”!
  • Rent the Runway New and Pre-Loved Apparel on Amazon! If you’re not familiar with Rent the Runway, it’s an online business that offers apparel for rent. Right now, they are selling off some of their apparel on Amazon! Get it here! There are lots of great deal, including this gorgeous Victoria Victoria Beckham dress for less than $100!!
  • Amazon Basics. Lots of deals on Amazon Basics Home products. It’s a good place to stock up on stuff for dorm rooms! I see deals on shelving, hangers, bedding, towels, organizers, chargers, garbage cans, sheets, tensions rods, pillows, and lots more stuff you can use in the dorm! Check it out here.
  • Segway Electric Scooters. I see some that are up to 48% off! Some college students use electric scooters to move around big campuses! If your student needs/wants one, this is a good time to get a deal on Amazon! Purchase here! The one pictured below is regularly about $400, but you can get it now for $275! Click here to see this one.
  • Mr Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker. Priced at just $45, this is a deal. If your kid spends a lot on iced coffees at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, this could save you some big bucks. Click here.

Aqualeisure Pool Products. It’s their summer kickoff sale, so you can get up to 47% off and inflatable recliner and more! Click here.

Those are some of the deals offered by Amazon for Memorial Day weekend. I will post more tomorrow!

Last Call for High School Graduation Gifts

Last call for high school graduation gifts.

Graduation ceremonies are happening…or at the very least, they are just around the corner. I have listed some graduation gifts in the last few months in some previous posts, but just in case you missed them, I’m sharing the pieces again. Check out the links here:

  • High School Graduation Gifts for 2023, click here for the first graduation gifts I suggested this year. They are in all different price ranges, and I highly recommend them.
  • More High School Graduation Gifts. For a few more suggestions, and some that are unusual, click here.
  • More High School Graduation Gifts (and these are good!) To see my last list of graduation gifts for this year, click here
  • Hulken bags. I had to list these separately in different posts over the last few weeks, because I believe these are some of the best gifts ever. My college-age daughter has one, and I have one, and we find lots of great uses for them: retail returns, bringing stuff in from the car, even laundry at college! These big bags on wheels are lightweight and easy to use! Seriously, the graduate in your life needs this bag. Pick a color. I highly recommend the more manageable size Medium. To purchase, click here.

.I’m hoping you found some fun ideas in my lists. And remember, if you have an Amazon Prime Membership, most items ship for free! Happy Shopping!

More High School Graduation Gifts (and these are good!)

More high school graduations gifts. I’m always looking for ideas for graduation gifts, and this week, I came upon some great ones. I know my daughter would have loved any or all of these gifts last year when she graduated:

  • Yeti products. Y’all, we all know Yeti makes some tough, incredible products. I love their cups, their coolers, and their lock boxes. My personal favorite cooler is the Tundra 45…perfect size for the necessary number of cans and ice for a tailgate. But they also make great backpacks and duffle bags! Check out Yeti products on Amazon here. Lots of their items are Prime eligible, meaning free shipping for members of Amazon Prime! There’s a huge range of prices, starting at about $25 for some of their insulated cups to over $1000 for some of their larger coolers. I have given coolers as graduation gifts for boys before (not the $1000 ones!), and I have given cups and lock boxes too. If you have a special nephew, he’ll probably appreciate the Tundra 45 cooler.

  • Rush bag. If you know a young lady who is graduating from high school and planning to participate in sorority recruitment at a big, southern university, a “rush bag” makes a great gift. She will definitely need one! You’ll want to start with a water-resistant bag with a zipper closure. These bags will be left outside sorority houses on the ground when they go inside, so they don’t need to be fancy bags. I found a perfect one on Amazon for about $25 here. If you opt for that one, I think the medium size is great. If you want to go with a “better” bag, you can always get a Longchamp nylon bag from Amazon…shop here. If you want to add the necessities for recruitment, you can add all of these or some of these items:
    • Handheld, battery-operated fan. It’s hot in the south. The heat and humidity are no joke. She will need a fan. Our daughter used this one last year. And at $11.99, it’s priced right and comes in a variety of colors.
    • Waterproof folding changing pad. Sounds crazy, I know, but the girls will be wearing dresses and will need to sit on the ground some during the day. They can save their dresses from grass stains or water spots with this. We got our daughter this one.
    • Blotting papers. All that heat and humidity produces sweat…blot away the shine with blotting papers. Get some from NYX at Amazon for just $4.99 here.
    • Insulated Water Bottle. They’ll need cold water each day. Pick a water bottle from Amazon here.
    • Hand sanitizer. This is pretty obvious. We purchased our daughter some Purell travel-sized hand sanitizers to use between parties. Get them from Amazon here.
    • Small umbrella. A small folding umbrella is crucial in the south, where thunderstorms can crop up at any time. We got a great one at Amazon here.
    • Tissues. These come in handy. You never know when you’ll need a tissue. Get Amazon’s Choice here.
    • Deodorant. This is a more personal item, so you can include it or not. I think it’s nice to include one just as a possibility. Get some small, travel sizes at Amazon here.
    • Breath Strips. The girls spend a lot of time going to lots of parties, and they are in crowds. They want fresh breath. Sure, they can use mints, but I think breath strips are better, because they dissolve quickly. Get them from Amazon for $5.09 here.
    • Portable charger. The girls don’t want their phones to die in the middle of the day, so a portable charger comes in handy. For a small one with a lightning plug and great output, click here.
    • Lip gloss or balm. Most people have their own cosmetics they love, but Dior Addict lip products are loved by lots of people! If you don’t want to choose a color, their lip balms, maximizers, and oils come in clear versions too. See them here.
    • Band Aids. I would add some regular Band Aids from here. And some blister Band Aids from here.
    • Snack. I’ve mentioned Whoa Dough before. It’s a great small snack, because it provides a little protein but is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soy free! My daughter loves these on the go. Get a variety pack here.
    • Safety pins. For little emergencies, these come in handy. Get a small packet here.
    • You can include a notebook and pen, but I feel like most girls take notes on their phones.

  • Keurig Mini Coffee Maker. Know a grad who loves coffee or hot chocolate? This makes a great gift. A friend gave my daughter one last year, and she used it regularly throughout her freshman year. Get it at Amazon here.

  • Zumer Sport Products. I discovered these products recently, and wow! Zumer Sport makes duffel bags, dopp kits, and backpacks from actual football leather, baseball materials, etc. And they are personalized for different colleges! I know lots of grads who would love to receive something from Zumer Sport! Great for boys and girls! See their selection here.

Those are just a few more ideas, and frankly, they are some of my favorites! Any/all of these gifts would be a big hit with any graduate! Don’t just sit there! Get that shopping done now!

Shop for Mother’s Day Now (Before it’s Too Late)

Shop for Mother’s Day now (before it’s too late).

Ten days until Mother’s Day! That’s it! Time to get busy finding something for Mom! If you didn’t purchase any of my previous ideas, here are a few more you can get from Amazon in time for Mother’s Day:

  • Purse-shaped vase. I know it sounds unusual, but that’s the charm of it! If my husband or daughter gave me this vase for fresh cut flowers, I would be thrilled! It comes in four colors and is priced under $50! Purchase here.

  • Christian Dior J’Ador Parfum Rollerball. This rollerball perfume is easily dispensed, and the floral scent is long lasting but not overpowering. Priced under $50, it’s a great gift for Mom. We all like to see “Dior” on the label! Purchase here.
  • Dior Addict Lip Products. Since we’re discussing Dior, we should talk about the Dior Addict Lip products. Priced at under $50 each, they make great gifts. Whether you choose a balm, a plumper, or an oil…they’re all great! And the packaging is pretty too! My new favorite is the Lip Glow Oil, priced at about $50, See the Dior Addict lip offerings on Amazon here.
  • Raised Planter Box. If mom enjoys gardening as much as I do, she’ll likely appreciate this raised planter box. I have two of them, and they save me every spring from having to do so much bending over. And as my potted plants start to bloom, they look gorgeous in these! Assembly is required, but the hubby and I were able to do it with no trouble. Priced at $129, it’s not an inexpensive gift, but to me, it’s worth every penny. Order now for quick delivery. Purchase here.
  • Glass witch ball. I gave one of these to my mother years ago, and she loved it. She hung it in her kitchen window, where the colors picked up sunlight, adding some color to the kitchen. Every time I see one, I think of my mother. It’s fun, and it’s pretty. Purchase here.
  • Tumi Persia Crossbody Bag. A few years ago, when I was getting ready for a vacation, I purchased a small Tumi crossbody to use as my handbag. I had heard friends say how much they loved them, so I tried one for myself. You know what? I never looked back! Sure, I have brought out my better handbags on occasion, but even then, I put the crossbody inside them to act as a wallet. Most of the time, though, I use the crossbody. It makes me hands free! Tumi offers several colors in the Persia Crossbody. Mom will love it. Purchase here.
  • Anne Taintor Products. I love Anne Taintor. I love the napkins. I love the sticky notes. I love the notebooks. I love the books. I love the mugs. If you’re not familiar with Anne Taintor, you need to be. One example is the photo below of some stick notes that say, “Dress for the job you want.” She’s a princess. That’s the job she wants. See all the products at Amazon here.

I know I have given y’all lots of ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Mom is a pretty important person, so treat her to a little something specail this year. To see my other suggestions, you can click on links here and here.

A Great Gift for Mother’s Day or Graduation

A great gift for Mother’s Day or Graduation.

I cannot possibly be the only person in the world who sometimes has to return items I have purchased. Sometimes, things don’t fit, or I’m disappointed with the quality of a product, and sometimes, I have several things to return at once. This happened to me yesterday. I had several pairs of shoes to return to a local store…three boxes. It’s difficult to juggle three shoe boxes walking into a retail establishment, so I used my trusted Hulken bag. (Amazon shopping link here.) It’s a tote bag (medium or large) on wheels! And it’s easy to use! Plus it folds! Y’all know I have mentioned the Hulken bag before for college move-in and move-out, but it occurred to me yesterday that the Hulken is the perfect Mother’s Day gift or Graduation gift! Every woman on the planet could use a Hulken bag to help return items, for grocery shopping, for bringing things to and from the car, for moving, for spring cleaning, for college laundry…seriously, I use mine all the time. Their slogan says it all: Schlepping made easy.

I have the medium Hulken bag that I purchased through Amazon, and my college student daughter has the large. The medium sells for $89,90, and the large sells for $104.90. The bags are offered in three colors: black, rose gold, and silver. They have smooth-rolling wheels that go in all directions, and they each carry up to 66 pounds! The handles are long and reinforced…one on each side for rolling the bag next to you, and one on the end for pulling the bag along. Plus, an added bonus is that they are lightweight and easy to fold and unfold, so they take up minimal space in your home or car. I only have one right now, but I’m getting myself another one, so I can keep one in the house and one in my car. You never know when you’ll need it! I normally recommend products, but I’m absolutely insisting you purchase a Hulken bag for the mom or graduate in your life.

You see the silver bags above. Black and rose gold are pictured below. You can purchase all colors and both sizes from Amazon here, but order now, because right now, they are estimating delivery between May 12 and May 17. The longer you wait, the later the delivery. Mother’s Day is May 14, so there is a chance you will receive it before the actual date. Mine arrived earlier than estimated, so fingers crossed. But if you’re purchasing a graduation gift, order now too, to ensure it arrives in time!

I simply cannot stress enough how much I love this product. This is a gift they will actually use!

***Shopping link: Hulken bag

Great Mother’s Day Gifts for 2023

Great Mother’s Day gifts for 2023.

You have almost a month to find the perfect gift for Mom. Mother’s Day this year is May 14.

When our daughter was a little girl, she gave me the best Mother’s Day gifts. One I still have a was a bracelet she made for me in third grade. It’s made of safety pins and beads, and it’s awesome. I came across it in my jewelry box last night and thought to myself, “I need to wear this on Mother’s Day this year.” Very few gifts mean as much as the gifts our children make for us when they’re young, but there are some thoughtful gifts mom will love, and they don’t all break the bank. Here are a few suggestions for you to purchase early, so you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute. And remember, Amazon ships free if you have a Prime membership!

Beach kaftan. My family knows I love a good beach kaftan…especially with summer just around the corner! I take good care of the ones I have, but I love adding to my collection. I have found one on Amazon that is inexpensive, colorful, and pretty. What do I love about a kaftan? I can wear it over swim, and instead of looking all sweaty and tired, a good kaftan makes me look a little more put together…even when I have been in the sun or in the water. I throw them on over a swimsuit to have lunch at an outdoor cafe, and I feel good about how I look. To see the latest one I have found, click here. Mom will love it!

Kate Spade scarf. Years ago, I decided adding a “third piece” to my outfit made me look more complete. It could be a scarf, a jacket, or a statement necklace, but whatever it was, that third piece made me feel more put together. Somewhere along the way, over the past couple of years, I lost touch with that idea, but 2023 is the year my “third piece” makes a comeback. Lately, when I have seen scarves I like, I’ve purchased them. Some of my favorites are made by Kate Spade, because they are well-made, not terribly expensive, and many of them add a punch of color or to an ensemble. Amazon offers several at good prices. To see them, click here.

Samiah Luxe Chunky Knit Blanket. I have admired chunky knit blankets for a long time, but I have never purchased one for myself. I considered making one for myself; it would be easy to make. However, to get good quality, thick, cable yarn, I would have to spend a fortune before I even got started on the actual knitting. Therefore, it’s much more cost effective to just purchase one made by Samiah Luxe, and they make beautiful, quality blankets! You can see what they offer on Amazon here.

Kendra Scott Jewelry. It’s no secret that Kendra Scott jewelry is popular with women of all ages. Even teenagers love it. They offer a lot more selection than you think! Personally, I love their trademark shaped jewelry, but they have a lot of other things, including ring sets, beaded bracelets, and necklaces and earrings of different shapes…in a wide range of prices. To see Kendra Scott’s offerings on Amazon, click here.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase. My mother told me when I was a little girl that silk pillowcases will save my skin and hair. She was right. And Blissy makes a great product from Mulberry silk! Moms will love this. I need to make sure my own family knows about Blissy. They come in six colors and three sizes. She’ll thank you and mean it. Purchase at Amazon here.

Pure Enrichment Deluxe Feet Warmer. It’s a relaxing evening at home, but Mom says her feet are cold. Or maybe mom just needs a little extra relaxation. I have a foot warmer at home, and it’s great for nights I need to wind down before going to bed. Check out the Pure Enrichment Deluxe Feet Warmer here. Priced at about $50, it’s a bargain.

Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm. Y’all, I got a couple of these for myself after hearing everyone talk about it, and I love it. I then ended up giving them to my daughter when I visited her at college and she needed a lip balm. I promptly ordered some more for myself. All of them except the “clear” have a hint of color, but just a hint. And they are smooth, not cakey. Mom will love it. Plus, it’s Dior! We love Dior! Priced under $50, it’s a great gift. Purchase from Amazon here.

Shower Steamers Aromatherapy. I know I mention these all the time, but there is a reason: they’re awesome! If someone gave me some Shower Steamers Aromatherapy essential oil shower bombs, I’d be a happy mom! Nothing can make a shower feel like a spa more than some essential oil shower bombs. I found some from Jojowell that are priced under $25 for 21 shower bombs! These are made to hang in your shower, releasing whichever aroma you pick of the seven offered. If no one in my family gives me some for Mother’s Day, I’ll be ordering them myself. Get them at Amazon here.

Monpure Silky Strengthening Shampoo. After I told a friend I needed something to help repair my damaged hair, she recommended I try Monpure. At $49, it’s not cheap, but it sure helped my hair. It received the Good Housekeeping “Tried and Tested Award” in 2021 for the Best anti-breakage shampoo. I love it. My hair has more shine, and the shampoo’s herbal scent is increcible. Mom will appreciate it. Purchase from Amazon here.

If your mom is like me, she considers YOU the best gift ever…just like I think of my daughter. However, it’s nice to get a little recognition on Mother’s Day. Let Mom know she’s special. Maybe some of the ideas above will help you find something for her. Remember, it’s best to purchase early! Order now from Amazon and have the gift in hand with time to spare!

Happy Shopping!

Weekly Link Recap, Week Ending 4/15/23

Weekly link recap, week ending 4/15/23.


  • Adulting Made Easy: Things Someone Should Have Told You About Getting Your Grown-up Act Together by Amanda Morin. Purchase here.
  • Adulting for Beginners – Life Skills for Adult Children, Teens, High School and College Students / The Grown-Up’s Survival Gift by Matilda Walsh. Purchase here.
  • The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive by Jonathan Catherman. Purchase here.
  • Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th Edition: Manners for Today. by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning. This is a hardcover book that I think every young lady should have. Having it in hardcover form allows them to keep it forever and reference it often. My mother gave me one when I went to college, and I still use it for reference. Also makes a great graduation gift. Purchase here.
  • SureGuard Mattress Encasement. Click here.
  • Viscosoft Mattress Topper. Click here


  • Amazon Fan Shop for college gear. Purchase here.


  • Longchamp bags. Click here.
  • Shower Steamers Aromatherapy. Click here. ***This one has become a personal favorite!***
  • Clear Accessories Bags. Click here.
  • Personal Blender. Click here.
  • Dyson Airwrap System. Click here.
  • Blissy Silk Pillowcase. Click here.
  • Dry Divas Showercap. Click here.
  • Compact Binoculars. Click here.
  • Monocular. Click here.
  • Rumpl Nanoloft Puffy Blanket. Click here.
  • Rumpl Amazon Store. Click here.
  • LapGear Home Office Lap Desk. Click here.
  • LapGear other lap desks. Click here.
  • Illuminated LED Message Board. Click here.
  • Amazon Basics Safe. Click here.
  • Electric Scooter. Click here for various offerings. Click here for Amazon’s recommendation.
  • DynoTag Smart Recovery Luggage Tag. Click here.


  • Mayhaw Jelly. Click here.
  • Proud Source Water. Click here.

Happy Shopping!

More High School Graduation Gifts

More high school graduation gifts.

I know. I know. Y’all think it’s too early to be thinking about graduation gifts. It’s not. You don’t want to the be the person who is scrambling at the last minute to find graduation gifts. And if you have a son or daughter graduating this year, you need to be prepared. Lots of classmates and parents will give your child gifts, and you want to reciprocate. You can see my first suggestions for graduation gifts here. In case those aren’t what you want to give, maybe you’ll find some ideas for both boy and girl grads here, some of whom will matriculate to college and some who won’t…gift accordingly:

  • Longchamp Bags. No, they’re not inexpensive, but they are great quality. Longchamp makes nylon bags in lots of sizes, and what I love most about them is that they are packable. I can fold and pack a large one in a suitcase, in case I will be bringing home more stuff than I left with. And the larger ones can be checked with airlines! The smaller ones can be packed and used as handbags at a travel destination. But they are lightweight and great for everyday! A high school graduate would be happy to see this among her gifts. Shop Longchamp on Amazon. Click here.
  • Shower Steamers Aromatherapy. I got these for my daughter for Easter, and wow! They are incredible! She hung one in her shower using the net and suction cup, and after the first use, her bedroom and bathroom smelled like a spa! It’s incredible! When she went back to school, she took a few with her, so I’m sure her dorm room smells like a spa now too! Highly recommend! These are great for the girl going to college or the girl going straight into the work force! At under $22, they are inexpensive, so would go well as a gift with the clear accessories bags listed next. Purchase them here.
  • Clear Accessories Bags. Girls travel with “stuff.” My daughter loves a good clear bag for makeup and toiletries, because she can see what’s in the bag and find items without having to dump them out. This four-bag set is great for any high school graduate! They’re labeled with colorful chenille letters. And it’s cute too! Click here.
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. College students love smoothies. Mine makes them all the time. This Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is perfect for a dorm. Just add fruit and cold milk or almond milk. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Get it at Amazon by clicking here.
  • Dyson Airwrap System. Admittedly, this is an expensive gift. We got one for our daughter when she went to college, and she loves it. This system is very popular with college-age girls for creating loose waves in long hair while drying the hair! It’s expensive for a reason…because it’s good. Priced at $599.99, it’s a gift that will be appreciated. Get it from Amazon here.
  • Blissy Silk Pillowcase. My mother told me for years, “A silk or satin pillowcase will save your hair.” Now, I hear myself regularly telling my college-aged daughter the same thing. Blissy Pillowcases are the ones they are familiar with, so they will love receiving one as a gift. Make sure you know the right size for their bed pillows. Priced at $58, these are made from Mulberry silk. Purchase from Amazon here.
  • Dry Divas Showercap. Oh, how I love Dry Divas Showercaps! They are quality and gorgeous! They come in various prints, and they actually keep your hair dry when you use them. I cannot stress enough how great this gift is. Young ladies don’t have time to wash their hair every day…and they shouldn’t! Hair stays healthier if it’s not washed daily. Give them the gift of dry hair with Dry Divas. Maybe pair this with the Blissy Pillowcase or the Shower Steamers above. These are priced at less than $30, and they last three years or more! I have a couple I have been using for five years! Click here.
  • Compact Binoculars. Binoculars are fun for lots of things, but especially for sporting events, concerts, and birdwatching. Young generally love concerts and sporting events, and some of them even love birdwatching! The binoculars I’m featuring fit pretty well in an adults hand, and the price is under $40. To purchase, click here. Or Monocular, click here.
  • Rumpl NanoLoft Blanket for Concerts/Camping. This travel-size ultra-lightweight and packable blanket is 35″x 52″ and is great to take to concerts or other outdoor activities. This is an all-around great gift. The Nano blanket is on sale for under $75 as of this writing. And Rumpl is a trusted brand. Click here. Or other sizes at the Rumpl Amazon Store here.
  • LapGear Home Office Lap Desk. Every college student needs a lap desk. They like to sit in bed and study sometimes. It’s a fact. LapGear offers lap desks that have a device ledge and a phone holder, plus other accessories. Amazon recommends one that is priced at $39.99. To see it, click here. Or see the LapGear offerings on Amazon here.
  • Illuminated LED Message Writing Board. Back in the day, we had chalkboards or whiteboards for messages between roommates. Of course, they can text now, but it’s still fun to have a board in the room for impromptu messages or “good luck on your exam.” I think this one is awesome, and priced at $45.99, it’s a fun gift that won’t break the bank. Click here.
  • Amazon Basics Safe. It sounds crazy to some people, but lots of people have valuables they simply don’t want others to have access to. I recommend using the included cable to connect it to something in a hidden place, like inside a closet. They’re priced at about $20. Click here.
  • Electric Scooter. College students on big campuses tend to travel by electric scooter. I see them all over the place when I visit my daughter. There is a wide range of scooters out there…fast, slow, long range, short range, inexpensive, inexpensive, and so on. If you’re considering this as a gift, check with the student to make sure you get what they want/need. Click here to see lots of different scooters on Amazon. Amazon recommends a Razor version that’s priced at under $200. You can see here.
  • Dynotag Smart Recovery Luggage Tag. These are great whether the student travels or not. I recommend putting them on anything of value that could be misplaced…luggage, large handbag or backpack, workout bag, or even a computer case. The Dynotag brand is durable, and it contains the information to help recover your items if they are lost. Priced at about $20 each, they are more expensive than other tags, but they are also more durable and contain more info. They come in several bright colors that make them easy to spot on the baggage carousel at the airport. Click here.

There are some more great ideas for high school graduation gifts. I’m sure I will think of more in a week or two, and when I do, I will create yet another post. If you can do your shopping now, you can be ahead of the curve! Purchase now to avoid the “out of stock” notification!

Weekly Link Recap, Ending 4/8/23

Weekly link recap, ending 4/8/23. Click on the item name to go straight to the corresponding site page of items I posted this week. To read the piece about the items, click on the TITLE of the piece. Thank you!

*Each week, I will post a recap of any links I have shared in any posts during the week prior. Happy Shopping!*





High School Graduation Gifts 2023

High school graduation gifts 2023.

High school graduations will start happening next month. If you know anyone who is graduating this year, now is the time to start thinking about gifts. My daughter graduated from high school last year, so I saw lots of gift ideas. I’m going to share a few of my favorites so you don’t have to search for ideas. SHOP EARLY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR CHOICES! Here we go:

Personalized Necklace. Personalized gifts say “I really put some thought into this gift for you.” For a fun, in expensive gift, you can purchase a personalized necklace for under $20. The high school graduate will love it and wear it every day! No, it’s no real gold, but it’s 18k gold-plated, so it looks like real gold. To purchase, click here.

She’s Birdie Personal Alarm. Last year, when our daughter was getting ready to go off to college, I saw these alarms on a TV show. They’re compact. They hang on a keychain. Most of all, they’re pretty darn loud and “alarming.” They also have a small strobe that will illuminate a darker area. If you’re worried about a high school grad parking in a parking deck or walking alone, this is a great gift. This gift says “I care about you and your well-being.” Offered in lots of colors, the She’s Birdie Personal Alarm is inexpensive. To purchase, click here.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker. If the graduate on your list is absent-minded or has ADHD, this is a great gift to help him/her locate a misplaced item. He/she can hang it from a keychain to locate lost keys. I wish I’d had one of these when I was in college instead of having to panic every time I lost my keys. To purchase, click here.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. A quality speaker is a must for almost any young adult. When I was young, my friends and I had our own “get ready” music, just like athletes have their walkout music. Some things never change. I still have a playlist for getting dressed, and my college-age daughter and her friends do too. A waterproof bluetooth speaker is essential. They can take it to the pool. They can take it to the lake. They can even take it in the shower! My daughter’s preferred speaker is a JBL FLIP 5, priced at about $90, but there are lots of options and price points out there. To purchase JBL, click here. To see others, click here.

4-in-1 Wireless Charger. Young adults have all the devices, and they need a place to charge them without having to use multiple electrical outlets. That’s where a 4-in-1 wireless charger comes in. They can charge two phones phone, an Apple watch, and airpods…all at once. I know you’re thinking, “Why two phones?” When a friend visits and needs to charge a phone at the same time, it comes in handy. Priced at under $30, this gift is a steal…and guaranteed to be a hit. To purchase, click here.

Spikeball set. College students need a distraction from the stress of classes and exams. When I was in college, we played a lot of games, but we didn’t have Spikeball then. Apparently, it’s a lot of fun and can be played indoors or outdoors. If you have a graduate on your list who needs to take study breaks, this could be a big hit! To purchase, click spikeball set.

Comfy Wearable Blanket. Everyone my daughter knows has a Comfy, and everyone loves their Comfy. These make great gifts. Priced at under $40, they are sold at a great price point, and they are worth every penny and more. With a fleecy inside, these oversized wearable blankets will make anyone feel better. To purchase, click Comfy.

Sunset Projector. I don’t know why college girls love these light projectors in their rooms, but they do. It creates a glow that somehow mimics a sunset…or some semblance thereof. I think they just like the colors. What I do know is that they are very popular in freshman girl dorms. To purchase, click sunset projector.

Verilux Happy Light. Just after the holidays, my daughter called me from college and said she was sad. She wasn’t clinically depressed; she was simply feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Shorter days in winter can seriously affect our moods, but I knew the Verilux Happy Light was a possible solution. It mimics sunlight during those cold winter months. She got it. She set it up, and she used it for about 30 minutes a day while she was putting on makeup or just hanging out. And you know what? She felt better! To see the various models and purchase, click here.

Levoit Air Purifier. Lots of dorms and apartments have dust and mold. That’s where an air purifier comes in. This small Levoit Air Purifier will effectively help clean the air of a room by removing dust and mold particles. Cleaner air can help people avoid illness, and this small purifier from Levoit doesn’t take up a lot of room. If the grad in your life is planning to live in a dorm or apartment, this could be a welcome gift. To purchase, click here.

Closet Organizers and Storage. Everyone in a small apartment or dorm room needs ways to maximize organization and storage. Shoes, sweaters, tshirts, school supplies, and even medical supplies…they all need a place to be stored. My newest organization tool? Some storage bins from Haixin. Load at the top, then stack. Open from the front thereafter. See them here. But you might rather give the graduate something like shoe bins or over-the-door storage. If so, there are lots of possibilities. To see options and purchase, click here.

Jonathan Adler Lollipop Holder. Y’all might think I’m crazy on this one, but stick with me. I got our daughter a Jonathan Adler Lollipop Holder for Christmas this past year, and at first, she thought I was crazy. Once I showed it to her and explained it could be a bonding tool with her neighbors and friends in the dorm, she understood! It’s quite the conversation piece. The picture below shows the desktop-sized sculpture with unwrapped lollipops, but I gave her wrapped Tootsie Pops to put in it…much more sanitary, and it still looks good. Priced at under $100, it’s a fun, memorable gift. In fact, every graduate I know might get them from now on! To purchase, click here.

Trinket Trays. Don’t all women need a place to put little things on their nightstands and desks? Every night, when I’m getting ready for bed, I put my earrings in a trinket tray on my nightstand. The next morning, I put them in the jewelry box, but it’s nice to have a little place to store them overnight. I love Jonathan Adler colorful trinket trays, but there are lots of options out there. If you have a Clemson fan on your list, she’s likely to love the small tiger trinket tray by Jonathan Adler pictured below. To see lots of options (including the Adler tiger tray), click here.

Acrylic Makeup Organizers. One of the very best gifts I received as a high school graduate in 1985 was an acrylic makeup organizer. My mother’s friend, Polly, gave it to me, and I treasured it all the way through college and beyond. It’s a great gift for any young lady, and they’re pretty darn inexpensive.To see options, click here.

Back Rest Pillow. Reading or studying at a desk is not always optimal in a dorm room, and that’s where a back rest pillow comes in. Great for boys or girls, back rest pillows offer great support for sitting up in bed. I had one back in the old days, and this is one great idea lots of people still use! The grad in your life will be grateful, and your wallet will too, since it’s priced at under $50. To purchase, click here.

Laundry Backpack. Laundry bags are crucial for anyone living in a dorm, but laundry backpacks are easy to carry and good looking too! My daughter has one and loves it, because it keeps her hands free while she walks to the laundry room or to drop off her laundry.To see options and purchase, click here.

Foldable Drying Rack. Not every clothing item can go in the dryer, and that’s where the Amazon Foldable Drying Rack comes in. The graduate might not understand at first, but as soon as they shrink something in the dryer, they’ll get it. This foldable rack takes up minimal room in a dorm and is easy to stand up and take down. Highly recommend. To purchase, click here.

Tool Set. A family friend gave our daughter a tool set for graduation last year, and it was one of the best, most useful gifts she received! We used it at move-in, and she has used it many times since! Amazon offers lots of tool sets at reasonable prices. The one pictured below is marketed toward women (pink), but there are lots to choose from. To see what Amazon offers, click here.

Baboon to the Moon Bag. This is one of my favorite brands of anything. I have several Baboon to the Moon bags for travel, and my daughter loves hers too. We especially love the “Go Bags” in various sizes for air travel. They’re waterproof, colorful, roomy, and guaranteed for life! Our favorite is the Go Bag-Small, which is priced at just under $200, but they have a couple of colors on sale for under $100 at time of writing. See the Go Bags here.

Mattress Topper. I simply cannot express strongly enough how necessary a mattress topper is for anyone living in a dorm and having to sleep on a dorm mattress. We purchased our daughter a Sleepyhead 3-inch mattress topper, and while it was expensive at over $300, we feel like it was worth every penny. However, if you want to give someone a mattress topper without breaking the bank, there are lots of options. To see Sleepyhead toppers, click here. To see other brands, click here.

Amazon Gift Card. All graduates love gift cards, and with the Amazon gift card, they can get just about everything they need for a dorm room or apartment. For grads, I prefer to send the gift card in a box shaped like a graduation cap, adding a cute touch. Any amount would be appreciated by a graduate. To purchase, click here.

Monogrammed Towels. Monogrammed towels are one of the best gifts ever for high school students. If they are going to college, it’s an easy way to keep their towels from disappearing! I highly recommend monogrammed towels for guys or girls, but I’m not going to recommend a brand, because it’s all about personal preference.

That’s a list of suggestions for gifts for guys and girls who are graduating from high school this year. If you have a friend or family member graduating this year, you will likely make them happy with some of the gifts above, but shop early! Good graduation gifts sell out fast, and won’t you be more relaxed if you get it done early?!? Happy shopping!