Holiday Gifting (Part 5): Give the Gift of Fun!

Give the gift of fun!

So, we have all been hearing for weeks on end that we need to shop early this year, because the supply chain is messed up. I have seen a few signs that this might be true, so I’m looking to purchase gifts that don’t have to be shipped here from other countries. Near the top of the list? The gift of fun! Someone said to me recently that I remind them of Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Woods. At first, I didn’t understand, so I simply asked, “Tigger?!?” My friend responded with, “Yes, Tigger! You’re always looking for the next fun thing!” Well, I won’t argue with that. And I love to share fun with other people! So why not give the gift of fun?!?!

Here are some ideas:

  • Amusement Park Passes. If you happen to live near a good amusement park and have someone on your list who loves rollercoasters as much as I do, a season pass could make a great gift! We are fortunate in Charlotte to have Carowinds, an amusement park with world-class thrill rides and rollercoasters. I used to be a regular there when our daughter was growing up, but in the last few years, I haven’t even been! I’d love if my husband gifted me with a season pass…it would give me an excuse to go!
  • Movie Passes. Movie theaters are finally open again, and we need to take advantage of it! I haven’t been to a movie since the pandemic began, but I plan to change that this week when I go see High Society (it’s the 65th anniversary) on the big screen! And I hope to continue going to movies! If you have someone on your list who enjoys a good movie, movie passes or a gift card to a local theater could make a great gift! And if they happen to love older movies, you might want to check the schedule for big screen oldies here.
  • Sporting Events. If you have a college or professional team in your area and have a sports fan on your list, tickets to a game could be a fun gift! In Charlotte, we are fortunate to have the NFL Carolina Panthers, the NBA Hornets, the minor league Charlotte Knights baseball team, and even some college teams! Not in Charlotte? Look around for other sporting events: rodeos, track meets, and more! If it’s a female friend, maybe you order an inexpensive stadium-approved clear handbag from Amazon (click here) and put the tickets in that!
  • Concerts. A few years ago, someone gave us tickets to a Sade concert as a Christmas gift. My husband loves Sade, but I was never a big fan…till we went to that show! John Legend opened and put on a fabulous show, making me a big fan, and then Sade was incredible! Wow! The lady is a performer! We had a great time, and I knew then that concert tickets make great gifts. Don’t we all remember concerts we’ve attended? How many gifts of “stuff” do you actually remember?
  • Special events. Maybe a local hotel or restaurant is hosting a wine tasting? Or maybe there’s a local Yoga and Mimosa event? Tickets to any type of special event of interest to the recipient make great gifts. A hotel near us, for example, hosts afternoon tea on weekends. Tickets are not required, but I have a friend who loves the afternoon tea experience at this hotel, so I know I could give her a hotel gift card with a note about the tea, and she would love it.
  • Family experiences. If there’s a family with kids on your list, they might enjoy a night at a Great Wolf Lodge! When our daughter was younger, she absolutely loved our local Great Wolf Lodge…the water slides, the restaurants, the kids club room, the arcade…everything about it. And I loved taking her and a friend, because I could relax while they had all the fun they could stand! Top Golf is another fun family experience…give a gift card for the whole family to spend some time together there! For kids, you might give the gift of art at Small Hands, Big Art, where they have art classes for kids of all ages.
  • Classes. I have a friend who loves taking classes. She just loves trying new things! She has taken cooking classes at Sur la Table. She has taken painting classes. She has taken glass-blowing classes and pottery classes. She loves to learn, so I know I can gift her a class of some type, and she will be thrilled!
  • Thrilling experiences. Have someone on your list who is a bit of a daredevil? Maybe they would like to try skydiving? Check with local companies…they might offer gift cards. Or maybe they would just to do indoor skydiving at iFly Charlotte. That’s an experience I’d love to have myself! Or if NASCAR is their thing, give them the Richard Petty Driving Experience! Into whitewater rafting? We are fortunate to have the US National Whitewater Center right here in Charlotte. It’s worth a trip to Charlotte for all the fun there! Or maybe they just like to watch thrilling experiences…like an air show. Air shows are held all over the country; check your local listings…tickets to an air show could be fun for the thrill enthusiast. Or perhaps flying lessons?

Just consider the recipient and think of something that would be fun for him/her. A cooking class sounds dreadful to some people (me), but lots of other people would co crazy over it!

The gift of an experience is something that will be remembered forever.

So this year, instead of worrying about whether or not the gifts you ordered are on a ship in the Pacific, give the gift of fun!

I Visited A Cult

Oh, yes, I did.

I visited the international training center of a cult, and on the surface, everything looked great.

But I’m going to try to refer to it as a “community” instead of a “cult.” I won’t say which “community” it was, but my 21-year-old nephew came into town with a friend over the weekend, and on Friday night, he announced to me that they wanted to visit a cult (he used the word “cult”) on Saturday…and he wanted me to go with them. I had questions, of course. “You don’t want to join the cult, right?” “Why do you want to go?” “How far away is it?” “Is it scary?”

He showed me the group’s website. It looked pretty benign, And it said they welcome visitors, so I agreed to go, and we made plans to leave the next day. I should mention my husband thinks we are all nuts.

Early Saturday afternoon, we got into the SUV and drove over an hour to the address listed on the website. We were excited to see what we would find! Upon arrival, we drove into the parking lot at the front of the group of houses and got out. We walked around looking for people, but all we saw were sheep out front eating hay. One of the sheep had a penchant for magnolia leaves, so we watched them for a while and discussed what we should do.

Ultimately, we decided to go to another road and approach from the back. When we drove into a back parking lot, we saw a woman stick her head around a fence. I asked my nephew’s friend to put down her passenger-side window, and in my best sweet southern voice, I said, “Hey! We read on your website that y’all welcome visitors! We’re just curious and would like to find out what y’all are all about!” Once she decided we were friendly, she offered to show us around. She explained we weren’t seeing many people because Saturday is the Sabbath, and most people were resting.

We followed her into the dining hall/meeting room, which was lovely…clean and nicely decorated. We ran into a couple more friendly people inside who readily introduced themselves. From there, she showed us the barn area, where they had goats and cows. And after that, we walked over to one of the community’s houses, where members of the “community” had gathered outside for music. We were offered tea, and we all took a cup. I thought it was delicious, and my nephew did too, but I noticed his friend was holding hers…not drinking it. I knew she was thinking about Jonestown, so I took the tea off her hands and drank it myself.

We were welcomed with open arms by everyone gathered outside, and we asked any questions we could think of. Are people free to come and go as they please? Yes. If someone leaves the community, are they shunned? No. Do y’all drink alcohol? No. What are your beliefs? How do you support yourselves? I wanted my nephew to ask if they used cannabis, but none of us had the nerve to ask that. I thought I smelled it wafting out of a house at one point, but I couldn’t be sure. And this group believes everyone should work together for the greater good of the community. Every person contributes by working…like bees in a hive. Children are educated onsite. We weren’t bashful…we asked questions. We didn’t ask in a threatening way…we asked in a curious way, which is exactly what we were…curious.

We left after a couple of hours thinking, “This isn’t a cult at all! They’re just a religious commune!” Everyone was so friendly. They were very reserved, but they were friendly. We had no reason to believe they were anything but good folks.

And then, after we got home, we googled the name of their “community,” and that’s when things got weird!

Unbeknownst to us, just last week, the FBI had released from their vault information from a 2013 investigation into this particular group. At the top of the report, it says, “Open investigation based on allegations that children are being sexually exploited.” And somehow, we decided to visit right after the report was released from the vault? We had no idea! In the report, there is testimony from former members of the community with allegations of child labor, sexual abuse, sexual orgies, and drug use. That led us to look at other websites, where we found allegations of community members being held against their will…and more. And honestly, it frightened us. Is any of the “testimony” true? I don’t know, but it was enough to make my hair stand on end.

And it made me a little sad. I thought of the sweet people we had met. Most of them were friendly, but some of them were looking at us wide-eyed, and one of them appeared a little unstable, but we chalked it up to dementia. But after reading everything, I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the wide-eyed ones were desperate to leave. Were they unhappy? Were they being abused? Did they want us to take them with us? Did they want to pass us notes asking us to send help? Of course, that’s all my imagination. No one, at any time, indicated they were unhappy. In fact, most of them appeared very happy.

In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t google the community before we went, because we never would have gone. I believe there are some good people in that group. Are there bad folks? I don’t know. But I’m guessing that will be my only visit to their commune. We went unannounced, but didn’t see anything suspicious. Of course, my nephew’s friend pointed out that we were really only shown the animals and the interior of one building, which was almost unoccupied at the time, so there wasn’t much opportunity for us to see anything nefarious.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they seemed like nice people. Of course, someone else pointed out to me that “of course they were nice! They wanted y’all to join!” Yeah…they probably didn’t want me. I’m way beyond child-bearing years, and I’m sure they could take one look at me and tell I’m way too high maintenance. My nephew, on the other hand, is low maintenance, strong, hardworking, good-looking, musically talented, and artistic. Any cult would love to have him. His friend is pretty and outgoing…they’d love to have a young lady join up, I’m sure. But I would have been a total drain on their system.

And in their defense, the FBI closed the 2013 investigation. Since I never read anything about any arrests, and they didn’t invade the place like they did with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, I’m guessing they didn’t uncover enough evidence to support the allegations.

Either way, we got out unscathed. If anyone ever tries to hold me at a commune, they will run me off as soon as they figure out I don’t even know how to mop very well!

On our way home, I thought of how happy my parents would be that my nephew was hanging out with me in North Carolina. And I wished I could call them to tell them about the experience…they would have loved hearing about it.


My Favorite Hostess Gift Ideas

We’re getting closer to spring…Mother’s Day, graduations, and summer weddings are just around the corner.

That means spring brunches, teas, and bridal showers. When I attend a brunch or tea in someone’s home, I like to take a small token of appreciation to the hostess…a hostess gift. There are times I’ve had to grab something on the way, but other times, I’ve done the smart thing and planned ahead. It’s best to tailor the gift to the recipient.

Wine is often a good hostess gift, but sometimes I like to mix it up. Some of my favorite ideas for hostess gifts are listed below. Some of my friends and I love to drink Champagne and Prosecco, simply because it turns any gathering into a celebration. For any of those friends, I feel like the on-the-go Champagne cocktail kit I included below would be a fabulous hostess gift. Do you have friends who cook? There’s something listed. Friends with a sense of humor? It’s here too. Friends who appreciate art?’s there. Friends who wash their hands? Oh yeah…that’s all-encompassing. The prices are right on all of these favorites, and they would delight any hostess.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for Hostess Gifts:

HAND PAINTED COASTERS BY KAIT WREN ART Everybody needs coasters in their home, and these are custom made by Alyssa Wrensted of Demopolis, Alabama. A friend introduced me to her work during the holidays. I gave some of these as hostess gifts for holiday parties, and every one was well-received. Each of her creations is one of a kind, and she also has custom wall hangings. Tell her what colors and shapes you want, and she can customize coasters or wall hangings at great prices. All her coasters and wall hangings are hand painted and glazed. You can see her work online at her etsy shop by clicking hereCheck out her work on Facebook here. Prices start at $25 for a set of four coasters. Tell her Kelly Mattei sent you!


SUGARFINA W&P DESIGN CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL KIT I love this little kit from Sugarfina, the candy store for grownups. This on-the-go champagne cocktail kit includes small batch elderflower syrup, jigger, bar spoon, linen coaster, and Champagne gummy bears and is just $25. Add a split of your favorite Champagne or Prosecco, and it makes a cute gift for any hostess! A friend gave me one, and I love it so much, I want to share the joy of the Champagne cocktail! I discovered Sugarfina a few years ago in Beverly Hills, and one visit to the store sold me on their products. They offer gummies in lots of different flavors, chocolates, gift sets, and they’ve partnered with Tito’s vodka for a special line. Everything about Sugarfina is beautiful, especially their packaging…from their bento boxes to their bags. Sugarfina makes a lovely gift. Right now, the Champagne cocktail kit is sold out on the Sugarfina website, but you can get it at Neiman Marcus by clicking here.

ANNE TAINTOR TEA TOWELS Priced at just $11 each, these tea towels from the hilarious Anne Taintor line are always a hit for a hostess gift. They’re colorful and expressive…and did I mention hilarious? With classic pictures of women from a bygone era doing chores or lounging, they say what we sometimes think. One of my favorites depicts a woman with an oven in the background and says, “You’ll never forget to turn off the oven…if you never turn it on.” If you’re attending a brunch or party at the home of a friend with a good sense of humor, this could be the perfect hostess gift. You can purchase these here.

OLIVE THIS! OLIVE OILS I will admit that when this store first opened in the Piper Glen Shopping Center on Rea Road in South Charlotte, I thought these people must be nuts. How in the world would they sell enough olive oil to stay in business? I’m happy to report I was wrong, because they have been around for a while now. I’ve purchased their oils and received them as gifts, and they are unbelievably good. They have fused oils and infused oils, vinegars, and gift packages. If you don’t know the difference between a fused oil and and infused oil, you’re not alone. It is explained in detail on their website. I’ve had several different ones…the Rosemary one has great flavor. You can purchase in their store, or purchase online here.

CLAUS PORTO GUEST SOAP WHITE BOX These soaps are infused with shea butter, so they soften as they clean. They also are beautifully packaged. Claus Porto has been making handmade soaps for more than 130 years, and they have perfected the art. A friend gave me this box as a gift, and it was so pretty, I almost hated to open it. Of course, I also wanted to use these gorgeous-colored soaps, so I had to open them. Priced at $23, they almost look like gourmet candies lined up in the box! Your hostess will love this gift and likely invite you to more soirees in hopes of getting another box! You can purchase these at Claus Porto online by clicking here.

I’m stocking up now for spring events. I’ve ordered two of each item to use as hostess gifts this spring, and I even ordered an extra of each for myself!

Brunches and showers and parties! Oh my!

Bring on Spring!


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