Sporty Sandals for Summer

Sporty sandals for summer.

I love sandals in summer. I especially love comfortable sandals in summer, and over the past 20 years, I have tried lots of different types, so I can recommend lots of different brands. Here are some I love:

  • Cecelia New York Gabriel Wedge Slingback. With a rubber sole and elasticized slingback, these shoes are ultra-comfortable. (See below) They are offered on Amazon in two great colors. Priced at $89, they’re not too tough on the pocketbook. Purchase here.
  • Nero Giardini Sport Sandal. This is a personal favorite, available on Amazon in white…super cute and super comfortable. I wear mine all the time and get compliments every time I wear them! Priced at about $132, they’re not inexpensive, but they’re well-made. You should be able to wear these for a long time. Purchase them here.
  • Sorel Kinetic Impact. Y’all, Sorel has upped the game on sporty sandals. My personal favorites this year are the Kinetic Impact Slingback Heel Sandals, shown below. I have them in every color (four colors!), and I absolutely love them! Priced at about $200, they’re not cheap, but to me, they have been worth every penny! Purchase them here.
  • Cole Haan OriginalGrand Sandal. (See below) I think it’s probably clear that I like a little heel. I’m most comfortable in shoes that are not completely flat. These OriginalGrands offer a little lift without wobble, and they come in some fun colors! Not gonna lie…I have several pairs of Cole Haan sandals that I have had for more than 20 years! It’s absolutely true! And I still wear them all! Purchase these here.
  • Other Cole Haan sandals. Like I said, I have worn Cole Haan for sandals for years. This year, they offer lots of cute styles. You can see lots of them on Amazon here. Click and scroll to find a style you like! There are lots to choose from!
  • Cecelia New York Uma Slide. For super casual days or days by the pool, these slides from Cecelia New York are priced right at about $40, and they are cute! Offered in several colors. Purchase here.
  • More Sorel Sandals. I mentioned the Sorel Kinetic Slingback, but honestly, Sorel has so many cute sandals this year, and I would be happy to own any/all of them! Lots of cute, colorful styles are offered on Amazon here. A few are pictured here:
  • Cole Haan Pool Slide. Priced under $30, these are great for the pool deck! They come in lots of cute colors. Purchase here.

Ugg Yeah Sport. Another great pool shoe or just something to wear for comfort, these Uggs come in great colors and offer great comfort. Priced at about $60. Personally, I prefer the red ones, but there are lots of colors offered here.

Journee Thong Sandal. These Journee thong sandals remind me of the thong sandals I wore as a little girl. It seems the white ones were most popular in the 1970s. I have these in white and in red, and I love them, because they are cute and lightweight. Purchase here. They’re even more attractive, because at writing, they’re just about $40!

Happy Shopping!

Summer Dresses for Moms

Summer dresses for Moms.

I love summer, and I love summer dresses. Going out to lunch? Wear a cute, comfortable dress. Going to visit friends? Wear a cute, comfortable dress. It’s hot here in the south, and anything that helps me stay cool is a great thing for me. I wear a lot of dresses during summer…short dresses, long dresses…I love them all. If you like to feel more free during the hot months, check out these summer dresses in lots of different styles:

  • Amazon Essentials Short-Sleeve Swing Dress. You can’t get a more basic summer dress than this one. It’s cute, comfortable, and you can dress it up or dress it down. Add a cute denim jacket for a casual look, or add a colorful scarf to dress it up. Priced under $25, you might want it in several colors! Purchase it here.
  • The Drop Dakota Belted Mini Dress. I love this dress (below). It comes in several different colors, lots of sizes, and the price is right at about $50. Purchase it here.
  • More from The Drop. In fact, The Drop has lots of dresses I love for summer…with great prices! Some examples are below. To see their offerings click here.
  • Rails Tara Dress. Rails makes some great lightweight, cute dresses for summer, like this Tara Dress (below). Priced at $198, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s cute and perfect for high temperatures. Purchase here.
  • French Connection Long Tiered Dress. (See below) This one is colorful and lightweight, but has long sleeves, making it perfect for restaurants, theaters, and other places that can be a little cool when you walk indoors. Priced under $100. Purchase it here.
  • English Factory Mixed Media Dress. (See below) This one is a personal favorite, because it’s comfortable, but has texture and sleeves that camouflage my upper arms. Priced at just $60, you should get one in every color! It’s offered in seven colors! Purchase here.

Lilly Pulitzer Hollie Tunic Dress. (See below) Lilly Pulitzer knows color, and this tunic dress is great for girls’ lunches, but it can even work in casual office settings. I love that it’s a shorter dress but has 3/4 sleeves. This one is priced a little higher at $178. Purchase it here. And to see other great Lilly Pulitzer summer dresses, click here.

  • BB Dakota Wild Spirit Dress. Need something a little dressier but still comfy? Priced at under $55, this one is perfect for a summer dinner out or at a summer cocktail party. Made of 100% cotton, it’s breathable. Purchase here.
  • Trina Turk A-Line Cotton Dress. I love this dress in both colors. It’s a little pricey, but I think this is one I will wear all the time. The bright colors make me happy! Sure, it’s $278, and that’s a lot, but when I think in terms of “price per wear,” knowing I will have this dress for years to come, it doesn’t bother me as much. Purchase here. Or to see more cute Trina Turk styles, click here.

Those are some of my favorite summer dresses, and if you’re wondering what kinds of shoes to wear with summer dresses, I love Sorel sport sandals. See them here. Scroll down the page. They’re comfortable and cute, with rubber soles that offer stability when walking outdoors.


Comfy Summer Clothes for Moms

Comfy summer clothes for moms.

I don’t know about every other person in the world, but I have different “types” of clothes. I have “real” clothes for daytime…the ones I wear to meetings or lunches with friends. I have “real” clothes for evening…the ones I wear to dinner or parties. And I have my “comfy” clothes…the ones that are just comfortable and work well for vacation too. Here are some comfy things I have found recently for summer. If you see me running errands, cheering on a baseball team, on a tour, or if you drop in at my house, this is what I will likely be wearing.

  • Loose Cropped Pants. Love these linen pants for casual summer days. Easy to wear with the tshirts below. Priced under $20, they’re inexpensive and good-looking. Click here.
  • Loose-Fit V-Neck T-shirt. I have this one in several colors. It’s loose, but not too loose. I like that it just skims my body instead of clinging to it. Looks great with the pants above or with the skorts below. And the v-neck is flattering. Priced under $25. Click here.
  • Comfy Colorful Shirt. I love colorful shirts that can be casual or dressy, and I have found one I love on Amazon. It could even work when I go to lunch with friends on a hot summer day. Or I could lounge around home in it too. It’s $46…great price. Click here.
  • Loungewear. The set pictured below is about $25, and it’s super comfortable and good-looking. My daughter has it in one color, and I have it in another. Click here for that set. For other loungewear, click here.
  • Half Sleeve Loose Fit T-shirt. Again, it’s loose fit but not too loose…skims the body, and the half sleeves provide coverage for upper arms. And looks great with the pants above or skorts below. Click here.
  • Columbia Summerdry Skort. Columbia makes quality outdoor wear, and I love this skort in all colors. Click here.
  • Avalanche Ripstop Cargo Skort. Another cute skort option. I like the slight a-line shape of this one. Click here.
  • Baleaf Skort. A little stretch makes this one extra comfortable. Click here.
  • Comfy Colorful Dress. I love a colorful, lightweight summer dress, and I found one on Amazon I love. It comes in multiple colors. Dress it up or down. You’ll want to wear it every day. Priced at about $50, I want one in every color. Click here.
  • Sorel Women’s Slingback Heel Sandal. I have always been a fan of sporty sandals, but I hate flat ones. These give me a little lift in the heel and look cute too. Offered in four colors, they’re priced at just under $200, so they’re not inexpensive, but they are great quality. Click here. Other Sorel sandals, click here.
  • Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoes. I love these shoes. They come in several colors. Sure, Saucony has made more generations of these since the 13th, but I love this one, so I will be buying them as long as I can. Priced at under $50, tjhey are great running/walking shoes. Keep in mind, they might seem a little stiff at first, but they break in fast. Saucony makes great shoes. Click here. Other Saucony options, click here.

  • Turkish Towels. OK, so they’re not clothes, but Turkish Towels are great to have around during summer…to take to outdoor concerts or for beach or pool time. They’re lightweight and do the job without absorbing water or extra sand, and the ones I like are priced right at Amazon. They’re even light enough to use as a wrap, if you need one on a chilly night. If you haven’t tried them, it’s high time you did. Priced at about $17, they are a bargain. Click here.

Summer’s almost here! Let’s get ready! Happy Shopping!